“Differentiating between access, interaction and participation” | Nico Carpentier

Aceda aqui ao artigo de Nico Carpentier, intitulado “Differentiating between access, interaction and participation”.

Resumo: “Participation has regained a remarkable presence in academic debates within Communication and Media Studies, amongst other els and disciplines. At the same time, the concept of participation has remained vague because of its frequent and diverse usages and its intrinsically political nature, which renders it di cult to use in an academic context. Conceptual clarity is generated through a combination of negative-relationist and inter-disciplinary strategies. e former means that an argument is made in favor of a more focussed meaning of participation, on the basis of a comparison with two other concepts, access and interaction. e interdisciplinary strategy consists of a broad theoretical re-reading that focuses on the academic literature in which these distinctons are made, or where the independent nature of one of the three concepts is particularly emphasized. At the end of this text, the di event meanings of access, interaction and participation are structured and integrated in a model, which is labelled the AIP model.”