“Education and training monitor 2015”

Pode consultar o Education and training monitor 2015 (Comissão Europeia). O download é gratuito:

“This first edition of the Education and Training Monitor developed under the Juncker Commission is published when Europe’s need for long-term solutions to a growing social crisis has once more been thrown into sharp relief. Education is the foundation of Europe’s future economic vitality, driving the employability, productivity, innovativeness and entrepreneurial spirit of tomorrow’s working population. But equipping people for employment is only part of the picture. Education has an equally important role in creating a better society. Well-educated people are less at risk of marginalisation and social exclusion. Effective education is about inclusiveness, ensuring every citizen has an opportunity to develop their talents and to feel part of a shared future. Building effective education and training systems requires a focus on inclusion as part and parcel of the broader quest for excellence, quality and relevance. These objectives are well reflected in the Europe 2020 education headline target. Yet the latest available data shows a worrying decrease in education investment for the third consecutive year, jeopardising the EU’s progress towards these objectives. Member States that have seen a spending cut for at least three years in a row are NL, FI, PT, IT, ES, IE and UK – the latter four proving the most problematic from a demographic perspective. The Education and Training Monitor 2015 shows that, in view of improving spending effectiveness and efficiency, mutual learning and evidence-based policy making are of vital importance”