“Parent-pressure: A history of parents as co-consumers of children’s media”

O artigo “Parent-Pressure: A History of Parents as Co-consumers of Children’s Media”, de Helle Strandgaard Jensen, foi recentemente publicado na Nordicom Review.

Aqui fica um excerto de parte das conclusões e de pistas para investigação futura:  “The dynamics of parent pressure in public debates described above raises several interesting questions for today’s research on children’s media consumption. First, it would be interesting to ask which professional norms dominate the eld today and how they pressure parents. Second, a quick “googling” shows that today, at least in Denmark, parents themselves are “talking back” in letters to the editor, on social network sites and blogs. But which socio-cultural segments do these parents represent and are their voices being heard? And, third, has the increased acknowledgment of children’s agency meant a lowering of pressure on parents as co-consumers? If we look at today’s public debates, we see how “childhood” is still singled out as the place where social illnesses such as poverty, obesity and literacy should be battled. The, fourth question is, then, how does children’s enculturation via media consumption factor in here, and what pressure does it place on parents?”