Os direitos das crianças e dos jovens na era digital | WIRED

Este artigo reflete sobre a apropriação que é feita dos direitos das crianças e dos jovens nesta era digital, espreite aqui.

Em todo o caso, já aqui fica um pequeno excerto: “After centuries of sometimes benign, sometimes brutal oppression and regulation, kids are moving out from under our pious control, finding one another via the great hive that is the Net. As digital communications flash through the most heavily fortified borders and ricochet around the world independent of governments and censors, so can children for the first time reach past the suffocating boundaries of social convention, past their elders’ rigid notions of what is good for them. Children will never be the same; nor will the rest of us.

The young are the last significant social entity in America perceived to be under the total control of others. Although in recent years society has finally moved to protect kids against exploitation and physical abuse, they make up the only group in our so-called democracy with no inherent political rights, no voice in the political process. Teenagers in particular, so close to adulthood, are subjected to sometimes intolerable controls over almost every aspect of their lives.”