“The Routledge Handbook of Media Use and Well-Being”

Esta nova obra intitulada “The Routledge Handbook of Media Use and Well-Being” está na minha lista dos livros muito interessantes para ler nos próximos tempos. Editada por Leonard Reinecke e Mary Beth Oliver, apresenta-se com pioneira na área.

Resumo: “The volume is structured along four central considerations:

  • Processes presents concepts that provide a theoretical bridge between media use and well-being, such as psychological need satisfaction, recovery from stress and strain, self-presentation and self-enhancement, or parasocial interactions with media characters, providing a comprehensive understanding of the underlying processes that drive psychological health and well-being through media.
  • Moderators examines both risk factors that promote negative effects on well-being and protective factors that foster positive media effects.
  • Contexts bridges the gap between theory and “real life” by illustrating how media use can influence well-being and satisfaction in very different life domains, covering the full spectrum of everyday life by addressing the public, private, and work spheres.
  • Audiences takes a look at the influence of life phases and life situations on the interplay of media use and well-being, questioning whether various user groups differ with regard to the effects of media exposure.”

Link para o GoogleBooks.