Eurobarómetro sobre acesso a música, filmes, séries, imagens e notícias

O Eurobarómetro de setembro mostra como europeus entre os 15 e os 45 anos usam e acedem a música, filmes, séries, imagens e notícias. Deixamos alguns pormenores sobre o consumo de notícias. 


“Reading news

The websites or apps of newspapers or magazines may be the single most popular way in which people access news in digital format – 42% of all respondents turn to them first when looking for news, but the majority of people looking for news – 57% – now turn to other services: 22% mainly access their news via social media, 21% through search engines and 14% via news aggregation services, which provide extracts and links to articles from a variety of newspaper websites.  Among these 57%, there is a fairly even split between those who most often browse and read the main news without clicking on links to access the whole article and those who say they click on available links to read the whole article on its original webpage (47% and 45% respectively). The most important criterion when choosing a service is that it is free (77%). Other important criteria are access without registration (54%) and not being disturbed by adverts when reading the article (40%). Three quarters of the 35 to 45 year olds read news online at least once a week, compared to 67% of the 15 to 24 year olds.

Accessing articles on newspaper or magazine websites or apps was most common in Finland and Luxembourg (both 68%) and Estonia (67%). In Latvia (53%), Bulgaria and Slovakia (both 40%) readers most often used online social media.”