“Global Media Literacy in a Digital Age Teaching Beyond Borders”

Este livro está na lista de compras. “Global Media Literacy in a Digital Age: Teaching Beyond Borders” tem como autoras Belinha S. De Abreu e Melda N. Yildiz e é editado pela Peter Lang. 

Resumo: “How do we connect with one another? How do the media portray different cultures and beliefs? What messages are often omitted from media? How do we connect what we see in the worldwide media to the classroom? This book, divided into four parts, serves to answer many of these questions. In Part 1, readers are provided with a historical look at media literacy education while glimpsing the future of this educational movement. Part 2 curates voices from around the globe, from practitioners to researchers, who provide a look at issues that are of consequence in our worldwide society. Part 3 focuses on education through cases studies that give educational perspectives and assessment opportunities. The final section, «Take Action», offers the reader resources for growing global media literacy around the world. This timely resource provides a look at how media literacy education has become a global and interconnected dialogue brought about by the evolution of technology.”