“PAR and Digital Inclusion, An Analysis Using the Capabilities Approach and Critical Pedagogy”

“This paper draws upon the capability approach and critical pedagogy to analyse the value of using Problem-posing Education, a participatory action research method, in a digital inclusion initiative in Brazil. First it the capability approach and explains why using critical pedagogy is a valuable way to deal with issues of power, collective conscientisation and adaptive preference. Freire’s pedagogy is then presented and conscientisation is explained as a process of raising critical awareness and praxis. The case study, presents empirical work conducted in Campinas, together with a NGO named CDI, which offers free internet access and basic ICT skills using a Freire’s inspired methodology. Findings are then explained and discussed using the theoretical framework. This paper concludes that there is great value in using Freire’s critical pedagogy for digital inclusion, but that further research is necessary to identify less resource intense solutions that can provide students with both conscientisation and skills.” Aceda aqui ao artigo de Sammia Cristina Poveda Villalba, publicado na International Journal of E-Politics (IJEP).