Condescension or Co-decisions: A Case of Institutional Youth Participation

Foi recentemente publicado na Young (Sage) este artigo “Condescension or Co-decisions: A Case of Institutional Youth Participation”. Vale a pena espreitar. Para já, leia o resumo: “This article examines youth participation in public decision-making through an ethnographic case study analysing structural factors and agency of participants in a process of participatory budgeting. Deliberative democracy is increasingly offered as a policy solution for civic renewal. However, the legitimacy of these processes is commonly questioned. Therefore, procedural theorists have attempted to define ideal conditions for participation, highlighting how the possibility of participation is communicated, the selection of participants and their level of influence.

This study found that while some participants felt the process was meaningful, for others it offered sanctions and reinforcement of existing hierarchies. This article argues that ideal conditions of participation need to be understood in a wider sense, including how participation is made ‘youth friendly’, the opportunities and possibilities of participants in the core of the process versus those occupying marginal positions, and what kind of prior knowledge is necessary in order to participate.”