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Public Sphere Participation Online: the Ambiguities of Affect | Peter Dahlgren |

Public Sphere Participation Online: the Ambiguities of Affect,, de Peter Dahlgren. professor Emérito da Universidade de Lund.

Debates about the internet’s contributions to the public sphere and democracy took off almost as soon as going online was becoming a mass phenomenon in the mid-1990s. Today, more than two decades later, we are certainly not close to any consensus, but most would agree that the initial celebratory crescendos have dissipated. Skeptics such as Mozorov (2011) can find plenty of evidence for not putting much hope in the internet’s potential for saving or even enhancing democracy. Continue reading

MILD – Manual de instruções para a literacia digital

Vale muito  a pena consultar o MILD – Manual de instruções para a literacia digital, um portal da Rede de Bibliotecas Escolares destinado a desenvolver as competências dos jovens nas áreas da leitura, dos media e da cidadania digitais.

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UNESCO launches a new model curriculum for combatting disinformation

“How to teach journalism in the digital era and, in particular, how to make disinformation part of the curriculum? UNESCO has now introduced a new model curriculum with practical lessons and exemplary assigments to show how disinformation can become part of course syllabi in journalism education.”. Continue reading