Educação para os media e notícias falsas

“Media literacy empowers people to make informed choices. Every time media technology changes, we start to push at new boundaries and there is a new set of challenges and opportunities for us to get to grips with. Therefore, media literacy is a lifelong learning journey and a media-literate society requires organisations from many sectors to work together in order to empower people with the skills and knowledge to make informed decisions”. Continue reading

Jovens preferem notícias em texto

Um estudo recente do PewResearchCenter indica, ao contrário do esperado, que os jovens preferem tomar conhecimento das notícias em texto a fazê-lo através de vídeo ou de audio: “When it comes to technology’s influence on America’s young adults, reading is not dead – at least not the news. When asked whether one prefers to read, watch or listen to their news, younger adults are far more likely than older ones to opt for text, and most of that reading takes place on the web”. Para mais detalhes, aceda ao site.