Social Inequality, Childhood and the Media: A Longitudinal Study of the Mediatization of Socialisation | Ingrid Paus-HasebrinkJasmin KultererPhilip Sinner | SpringerLink

“This open access book presents a qualitative longitudinal panel-study on child and adolescent socialisation in socially disadvantaged families. The study traces how children and their parents make sense of media within the context of their everyday life over twelve years (from 2005 to 2017) and provides a unique perspective on the role of different socialisation contexts, drawing on rich data from a broad range of qualitative methods. Using a theoretical framework and methodological approach that can be applied transnationally, it sheds light on the complex interplay of factors which shape children’s socialisation and media usage in multiple ways.” Continue reading

Doutoramento em Estudos em Comunicação para o Desenvolvimento | Universidade Lusófona do Porto

Aqui ficam os detalhes para as candiadaturas ao Doutoramento em Estudos em Comunicação para o Desenvolvimento, a decorrer na Universidade Lusófona do Porto. Pode consultar mais pormenores no site da universidade.

Call for applications – ReDMIL 2018 doctoral summer school: Research on Digital/Media/Information Literacy

“The RedMIL 2018 doctoral summer school, organized by the GReMS (Groupe de Recherche en Médiation des Savoirs – Knowledge Mediation Research Group) on September 11th-14th, 2018, aims at contributing to the convergence between digital, media and information literacy research by bringing together researchers from all three communities, to foster the scientific debate and explore connections between them.  Continue reading